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Bat Removal Toronto - Affordable Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal


Bat Removal Toronto - Affordable Bat Removal Services
Bat Removal Toronto – Affordable Bat Removal Services

 Bat Removal

Ontario is home to eight different kinds of bats with the ‘little brown bat’ being the most common type. Although the natural habitats of bats are the inside of caves and the top branches of mature trees, they are being forced into new areas due to the overwhelming encroachment of humans into their environment. As a result, bats are making their way into the attics of homes and businesses throughout the Toronto area.

Since bats are nocturnal creatures, they remain dormant throughout the day. At night, you might see them flying beneath the treetops in search of insects. If a bat sets up home inside of your attic and cannot find its way back outside again, it is possible that the creature will enter the living area of your home. If this does occur, you should contact a wildlife control service in the area as quickly as possible.

Bats are generally not destructive to your home. They do not chew at the wood or create holes that allow them to enter your building. A bat needs only a small opening, approximately one-inch square to enter your attic or second floor. However, if bats are allowed to remain in your home, the buildup of urine and feces could pose a health hazard.

What Do Bats Eat?

As you might already know, bats love to eat insects. In a single night, they can eat up to three-fourths of their body weight in insects.

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Do Bats Migrate and Why Is This Important?

During the winter months, you won’t notice much, if any, activity from bats. They generally migrate to warmer areas or go into hibernation. If bats are living in your attic, it is important to have them removed by a professional wildlife control service. If winter approaches before you do so, the bats might simply go into hibernation until the springtime when they will become highly active.

The age of young bats is another important consideration regarding their removal. Typically, bats are not removed from their home unless they are fully capable of living on their own. The wildlife specialist who comes out to handle the removal knows what to look for in regard to whether or not the babies are ready to leave the roost. This is an important part of the process, but unfortunately, it can delay the safe and successful removal of the bat colony residing in your attic or barn.

Do Bats Carry Diseases?

Bats are known carriers of the rabies virus and can infect humans. Not only can this virus be transferred through a bite, but it is also transmitted when saliva from a rabid bat touches a human’s eyes or the inside of their nose or mouth. Caution should be exercised if you suspect a bat is rabid.

Coming into contact with bat guano also places an individual at risk of developing a disease known as Histoplasmosis. If a human gets this disease, difficulty breathing typically occurs. Other organs within the body can undergo damage, and this disease can be deadly if treatment is not provided.

Bats are prone to fleas and ticks. Their urine and feces are highly contaminated and pose a health risk for humans who come into contact with them. Bats in areas of the world outside of Toronto carry other types of diseases, but most Canadians will not have to worry about contracting them unless they travel outside of the country.

Bat Control

Encouraging Bats to Leave

Due to the dangers that exist when handling bats, it is important to hire a wildlife control service to take care of their removal for you. Such a company has the experience, knowledge, and training to remove bats humanely and safely. Since bats are an integral part of our ecological system, it is important to remove and relocate them rather than simply eliminate their presence by killing them. In fact, killing bats of any species is illegal in Ontario. They must be removed and relocated in a humane manner according to the standards set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

When professional wildlife removal technicians come out to investigate your problem, they will identify the size and location of the colony in order to plan a successful and safe removal. In addition to having the bats removed from your property, you should check into bat prevention and control in the Toronto area to minimize the risk of a new incident of bat infestation.

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