Animal Removal Toronto

Animal Removal Toronto

Despite the fact that you might not see squirrels, bats, raccoons, skunks, and pigeons in your yard during the winter, they are probably close by in your attic, underneath a shed, or tucked beneath a front or back porch. Just like you, wildlife tries to keep warm in the winter, even if they are hibernating. Therefore, they are likely to move into your home, particularly if you live in a semi-populated or urban area. What can you do to prevent wildlife pests from moving in and how can you arrange for removal of them?

Clean Up the Yard

First of all, you need to avoid inviting raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, and other rodents from moving into your yard and then your home by cleaning things up. Large piles of leaves, fallen fruits or nuts, and rotting wood simply call out to wildlife pests with a clear message that your yard might just have enough food and hideaway spaces to make the winter comfortable for them. Take charge and get rid of anything that might provide food or warmth for these creatures. After all, which home would you rather move into – the one with lots of yummy treats and places to stay cozy or the one with nothing to eat and nothing to keep you warm?

Plug Up Holes

Tiny pests don’t need much of an opening to climb through, and larger animals have the claws and strength to rip smaller holes into larger ones. Before you snuggle into your warm domicile for the winter, you should conduct a mini-investigation in search of openings around windows, doors, gutters, air vents, and foundations. Use a caulking gun where it is appropriate and a hammer, nails, and wood where it is not. If you aren’t handy enough to complete these tasks on your own, you can always hire someone to do it for you.

Hire an Animal Removal Toronto Specialist

Now that you’ve taken care of the preliminary work, you might want to call up an Animal Removal Toronto expert to come in and evaluate your property. Not only can these individuals provide you with an idea as to how safe your home is from a wildlife invasion, but they can remove any pests easily and painlessly.

Keeping wild animals out of your home is a task that typically requires yearly vigilance. Wildlife pests have adapted to the presence of humans, and they are more than willing to share your home or yard with you. If you hear strange noises in the attic or smell unusual odours near your front porch or backyard shed, you might already have unwittingly invited these pests into your home. Take the time to clean up your yard, close up any holes in your home’s external walls, and call in a wildlife control specialist for a safe and uneventful winter this year.

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